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Fear is a Friend and not a Foe

Fear is a Friend and not a Foe

Fear, I thought was an enemy that doesn't want me to take that bold step. However, now I know it is not an enemy but a friend. The type that keeps telling me "if you don't do this, you might not get that" and "if you take that step, it might result in this".

This fear makes me answer the "what if" questions and prepares ahead in case of necessity.

One of my greatest fears is 'writing' and to massage my fear for this great skill, I always emphasize the fact that "I am not a deep thinker and I cannot rack my brain."

In order to comfort me, I would say "the fact that I can communicate verbally is enough."

Meanwhile, I learned a big lesson from Tiidelab which I will love you to know about. It is an eye-opener to writing and who knows, we might see ways to go about penning down those ideas in our head. Just like myself, you might get ideas into writing.

It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes but even a wiser man to learn from others.

These are the words of Mr. Salami Kadir, Tiidelab CEO during one of our Fridays' meetups.

Writing is an exceptional way of communication that can help to inform, collaborate and educate. Via writing, you will be able to bring your experiences to light and you begin to shine. Your knowledge will be dispersed to the right places and you will express yourself with clarity.

You know that it is one thing to make things happen and it is another thing to let the world know about it.

I know you must be imagining in your head that, why do you need to write?

Below are 5 reasons for writing, part of which is:

  1. To share your experiences and knowledge with others and bring about a positive change

  2. To taste life twice both in the moment and in retrospect

  3. To offer suggestions or advice

  4. To provide the information above a topic

  5. Bringing an issue of interest to the limelight.

A lot of people use the internet to find information; surfs the Internet from website to website looking for answers to questions they have and it is whatsoever you project that they will see - be it the articles you have written or things you have done which is why you must always show your work.

In addition, one of the ways to stay findable is by writing about things you are doing.

In writing, you must put some things in mind, like :

  1. Writing unique and relevant topics
  2. Identifying your readers
  3. Ensuring your articles get the right attention *Ensuring it's short, concise, and easy to read and lots more.

I will like to drop my pen here. If you want to learn more about how you can develop your writing skills, check out these great authors and book coaches:

  1. Ojesanmi Martha (healingformysoulworldpress.wordpress.com)
  2. The book surgeon International (@thebooksurgeons)

I developed a keen interest in software development not quite long and I am happy to be a part of the Tiidelab Cohort3 fellowship

Thanks for reading through.

This article was written by Ojesanmi Elizabeth Oyinlade) a cohort 3 fellow in the frontend stack.


Oyinlade Ojesanmi is a software engineer in training, tech enthusiast, social worker, transcriber, translator, a broadcaster who is skilled in community development projects, tutoring, and public speaking.

We all have something to give out to our community and there will always be a person there to help, thus her passion for community development projects through broadcasting, to voice out the needs of the society to appropriate quarters.

You can follow her for more content at lizdev.hashnode.dev and also connect with her on Twitter Ojesanmioyin

Edited By: Ayodele Samuel Adebayo and Arimoro Olamilekan Ezekiel

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